Jesus and Elvia M. -  We used our rebate toward closing and got the balance when we closed.  It was so wonderful that  all we needed was $1300 to close.  The rebate helped us so much.  We are telling all our friends that the 2.5% rebate is real and true.  October 2018

Grayson and Beverly Z - We bought our new Highland home in Sugarland and used our rebate towards a builder upgrade to get wood floors in my husband's new home office.  Our rebate was $6,200.  January 2018

 We're #1 in Satisfied Clients That Got Their 2.5% Rebate

April 2020


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Joey and Erika W - We used the majority of our rebate toward closing cost and got the balance when we closed.  About 4 days after closing.  We are happy campers!

June 2018

Thom and Martha B -  My mother-in-law saw Gr8 Day Realty's offer on Facebook and shared it with us.  We called for details and it was so easy we thought it had to be a phoney balogna offer.  We were wrong and got our rebate of $8,750 about 3 days after closing.  Thanks Mom! and thanks Gr8 Day.  February 2018

Casanova & Saniqua S - We used our rebate toward our closing costs, $3300 and we got an additional $100 gift card for teachers.  Surprisingly easy process.  You're crazy if you  don't use Gr8 Day Realty.  Who doesn't like free money?  February 2018

Yohan & Yvette K. -  Our friends used Gr8 Day to purchase their new home in Conroe.  Our rebate came in so handy, $8,700 + $100 gift card for being a Veteran.  March 2018

Leroy & Alma E - Unbelievably easy!! Got our rebate 5 days after closing, $13,600.  Wow, so gr8!! Nicest people to deal with.  Call them before you buy.  I will never buy without Gr8 Day.  Much love to them.  March 2018

Stephen and Belma C. - Purchased our home in McKinney.  We found Gr8 Day on Google and submitted our info.  We got a call minutes later that our paperwork was ready to be signed.  Once we signed up we started visiting new home models.  We let the builders know Gr8 Day is representing us.  Got our check about 3 days after closing for $16,250!  We love Gr8 Day and you will too. March 2018

Dr. Chi P. - I was able to use my rebate amount toward a price reduction.  My rebate was $18,750 in Waco, TX.  September 2017

Cedric and Shaunda J. - We had never heard of real estate rebates until a friend told us that they used Gr8 Day and got a huge check.  We are so thankful we got a $6,550 check within a week of closing on our new home.  Gr8 Day Realty is legit.  October 2017

#1 Texas Real Estate Rebate Company

Quinton & Livia C. - We stumbled across Gr8 Day by accident.  We saved $11,300 moving from Buffalo, NY.  We have never heard of real estate rebates.  Needless to say we love Texas.  It's a Gr8 Day to be a Texan.  January 2018

Ralph and Lori P.  - Our rebate was huge!  We got our check for $10K 2 days after we closed.  Incredibly easy and the best service. It's Real, It's True and it's Gr8 in Every Way. October 2018

Rebate Testimonials from Satisfied Clients That Got Their 2.5% Rebate

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