You do all the work looking for a new home why not  get the New Home Rebates for your efforts?  We could not agree more.  We rebate our buyers 2.5% of the purchase price of any new home in Texas.  The 2.5% comes out of our sales commission. 

1.  You will need to sign a Buyers Representation Agreement and Information About Broker's Service Agreement with Gr8 Day Realty.  The Buyer's Rep Agreement puts the rebate offer in writing for you.  The Information About Broker's Service  explains what you should expect from your broker and remedies under the law if you are dissatisfied.

2.  When visiting builders list Gr8 Day Realty as your broker on the guest card to insure you receive the New Home Rebates of 2.5%.  See sample Guest Card that most builders will ask you to fill out.

3.  Use your rebate money towards closing costs, upgrades, price reduction or a check after closing.  Your money, your choice.

Is it Legal?

Yes, new home sales, according to the Texas Real Estate Commission, we may share any portion of our commission with any principal to the transaction as long as there is full disclosure to all parties involved.  Meaning we can share our commission with the buyer or the seller so long as everyone is aware of it.  

Rebate Examples

Gr8 Day Realty is a real estate rebate company in Texas. We are a full service real estate office based in Houston, Texas.  We specialize in new home sales in the state of Texas.  Our buyers receive 2.5% of the sales price.  The rebate money comes out of our sales commission.

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When visiting builders be sure to let them know that Gr8 Day Realty is your broker to insure you receive the new home rebates of 2.5% of the purchase price. 

New Home Rebates

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Please contact us if you would like to receive a 2.5% rebate on your new home purchase saving you thousands of dollars

Rebate money can be used to pay closing costs, builder upgrades or a check after closing.
Sales Price $300,000

2.5% Rebate is $7,500 

cash back to buyer

Sales Price $200,000

2.5% Rebate is $5,000

cash back to buyer

That's A Lot of Money!


How It Works to get your New Home Rebates

About Our New Home Rebates

Some restrictions may apply if you are using the rebate money toward closing costs.  Some lenders have a maximum amount they will allow.  Check with your lender for any restrictions.

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